Know the air around you.

Know the air around you.

We help companies and governments to tackle the global problem of air pollution.

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Air Quality

Measure, Analyze and Act!

Airqoon is a hyperlocal air pollution management solution that provides
data-driven, actionable, environmental intelligence to enterprises, cities and institutions.


End-to-end Solution

We provide a full-fledged hyperlocal air pollution management realized by monitoring of pollution, visualization of data, analytics based insight discovery and the design of action plans.



Internet connected miniature sensor units utilize state of the art sensing technology to monitor air pollution and upload data to cloud.

  •   Accurate sensing
  •   Global connectivity
  •   Small form factor
  •   Energy self-sufficient


Air pollution data, collected by sensor units, is visualized in coherent and clear manner using advanced web and mobile tools.

  •   Real-time and historical data access
  •   Advanced mapping features
  •   Mobile friendly UI
  •   3rd party integration tools


Real-time and historical air pollution data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms to discover hidden insights in data.

  •   Real-time data analysis
  •   Hyperlocal air pollution forecast
  •   Hidden insight discovery
  •   Report generation

Action plans

Based on the meaningful patterns in air pollution data, management goals are defined and use case specific actions are taken.

  •   Collaboration with experts
  •   Pollution management goal discovery
  •   User engagement services
  •   Comprehensive, use case specific action plans

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